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If you are not signed in (like you might not want to be unless you either want to use Voice or Gmail, or you are feeling philanthropic toward poor, starved Big Data Aggregation) you will have to do so, but will be automatically redirected whether you like it or not (how does that work I wonder).

You will not, however, have to open extra tabs/windows.  

You will not have to fumble with the vertical 'More' menu.

You will not have to hunt (or wait for) disabled subheadings to appear.

You may actually, as I did, feel a little less insulted.

Just a little, unfortunately: the lack of basic respect and appreciation for the End User is reintroduced by the æsthetically-challenged 'Try The New Dumb Layout' un-ex-out-of-able banner monstrosity. I haven't figured out how to close that yet. 

But I'm trying.

And (hopefully) that will be that....  I know, I'm dreaming.  Of a not-evil Google, just like the one I used to know...  Ok, I'm giddy; it was a lucky hack.

My hack was not so lucky after all: but Bluescat to the rescue! The workaround he recommended on Google's Product Forum still works as of the date of this update.

 Be seeing you.

Mostly About Trump And Putin's Official G20 Meeting (incl.Fulltext Official Russian Summary)

About President Donald Trump's meetings with President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg: there were two of them. I haven't the moxy for a full write up, despite knowing it would have had to include certain choice details. 

There were the hand gestures (perhaps meaning call me, perhaps meaning to be as offensive as those pixelated in Stephen Colbert's late night re-enactment, below). Trump made them from his assigned seat between the Prime Minister of Japan's wife Akie Abe, and the President of Argentina's wife Juliana Awada -- openly and enthusiastically, as I understand it, in Vladimir Putin's general direction.

There is the ongoing suspicion that Mrs. Abe pretended not to speak English (she speaks it fluently, but he reported that she didn't even know how to say "hello") which, if true, could believably have been in an effort to avoid an unwanted conversation. 

Now, why would any civilized woman want that? Maybe what he said to certain other women of the G20 has something to do with it -- or how he said it. Trevor Noah reports.

There is the infamous second meeting.  Trump soon gave up on subtlety altogether, broke script, and got up and sat next to Putin. This meeting was observed to go on for an hour, despite the fact that Trump subsequently told The New York Times it lasted only fifteen minutes. Time flies when you are having fun.

But this post is not about any of that, hyperlinked, of course, above, for the curious.  This post is about the official meeting, the one that went two hours -- twice as long as scheduled -- about which Rachel Maddow had much to say
 MADDOW: So, tonight, “The New York Times” has just published an interview with the president of the United States, in which he has threatened the special counsel, Robert Mueller, and he has threatened the – he`s threatened special counsel Robert Mueller, saying he might fire him. He`s also expressed grave criticism about his attorney general and deputy attorney general.

 But he`s also made another kind of news that is of serious intelligence concern. When President Trump met with the Russian foreign minister and the Russian ambassador in the Oval Office, remember that? You`ll remember that shortly thereafter, we learned that in that meeting, he had, A, bragged to those Russian officials that he just fired the FBI director to take the pressure off himself when it came to the Russia investigation, and B, we learned that he gave those Russian officials code word protected super-secret information about the fight against ISIS. And how one of our allies had managed to infiltrate and/or surveil ISIS in a way that nobody knew about, and he told the Russians.

 It was information that was super sensitive, that would – was perceived as potentially jeopardizing that very important surveillance and/or infiltration if anybody knew about it. Nobody in the U.S. government was supposed to tell anybody about it, particularly the Russians. The president spilled the beans in that meeting.

 The reason we found out that he did that is because there was a note taker in that meeting. And when the president made those remarks to the Russians, somebody wrote it down and then when those notes were circulated inside the White House, or among senior administration officials, somebody was sufficiently alarmed that it became – somebody was sufficiently alarmed that it became news.

 I mean, A, leaked to the press, but B, presumably the fact that the president had told the Russians that, once it was known, like at the CIA, and at the NSA, and national security counsel, that could become a point of action, if a source need to be removed from the battlefield, if somebody needed to be protected, if the people whose intelligence the president had just given away needed to be warned about that, that could be set in motion, a sort of cleanup operation – all because there was a note-taker here. Otherwise, how would we have known he gave that away.

 Well, when the president met one-on-one with Vladimir Putin at the G20, we were told there was no note-taker at the first official formal conversation that he had with Vladimir Putin. But we know for sure there was no note taker there. And there was no U.S. official there at all, not even a translator, for the president`s second long conversation with Vladimir Putin, that the White House never acknowledged until it was reported in the press yesterday...

Now, I recall her going on to say that the first, official meeting was reported immediately to the Russian media, and that no such report to the American media was made.  I have scoured the transcripts of the show, to no avail, for this passage, since it was this detail that launched the internet search whose fruits I present below.  

I wanted to know just what was presented to the Russian media about that meeting.  I thought the difference in perspective would be very ...interesting... -- as indeed it turned out to be.

The third issue is cyber security which was understandably given considerable attention. The presidents agreed that this area is becoming ever more dangerous. There are numerous threats emerging in cyber space, including a terrorist threat, threats in other areas of organised crime, such threats to the normal functioning of societies as child pornography, pedophilia, the so-called suicide networks. Of course, President Trump also mentioned that certain circles in the United States keep on spinning the issue of Russia’s interference in the US elections even though they are unable to prove that. 

Hot from the Kremlin to you. Judge for yourself.  


Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to Russian media questions following President Vladimir Putin’s meeting with US President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G20 Summit, Hamburg, July 7, 2017

Comments welcome, as always.

Be seeing you.

Trump On Fox: Says He Told China's Xi Those 'Beautiful' Tomahawks 'Headed For Iraq' -- Was Quickly Corrected By News Anchor Who Knew He Meant Syria

The fake news source that is the man with his finger on the literal, not proverbial, button. Heaven help us all, the following happened:

O my God.

But it gets worse, a day later, the MOAB, and now, sabre rattling at the DPRK.


Zack Beauchamp, 
Trump on North Korea: “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy”

More thoughts this afternoon, Gentle Readers...  I must post as I find time...

M.W.K.P.A.: Muse - Uprising [Lyrics and Official Video]

(punctuation and layout faustian).

In case you don't know, M.W.K.P.A. stands for:Music What Kicketh Political Ass. Feel free to recommend...

Stay tuned and - remember, it's up to us, now.

Be seeing you.

Nuclear War: A Warning, Hopefully, And Not A Prophecy


Dreamt, last night, that WW3 started.

Well, can't say for sure if it was a world war, since the dream ended after the detonation of the (first?) rather large device.  Somewhere very far away, due west (I live in Oakland, CA).

The love of my life was not with me; for some reason he had made his farewells (until, it was assumed, next we met) sometime during the
dénouement of the dream.

He would for some reason - no doubt closely guarded - be accompanying, or escorting, the mission. I remember the explanation he gave: "It really will be the safest place for me to be."

In the dream, I did not understand him at the time.  Until, right around dusk (still in the dream), I was walking home, almost there, headed approximately northward, and crossing the final intersection before my building. 

I heard a >pop< -- more like a sharp cracking sound, very far away.  It is one of those telescoping dream effects, that I knew it was very far away, but still heard it, and, turning to my left, saw what I saw.

Between the buildings, where, in the years I have lived there, I had enjoyed beholding countless beautiful sunsets,  far off, ocean in between, its unfathomably hot, incredibly dense lethality zeroed to a  center not on the ground but some distance above, an orange and white fireball rapidly unfolding, incredibly bright.  Doing that thing that some nuclear bombs do, where it looks like a video that has skipped frames, because too much is going on at once.

I forget which bomb test it reminded me of.

I realized what mission my love was critical to, and woke to full consciousness, abruptly.

Figured out the direction, etc, as I lay there.

It has been about twenty seven years since I dreamt on this topic.  

I used to have incredibly realistic nightmares, all five senses included, at least once a month and sometimes once or twice a week, starting when I was maybe six or seven and only subsiding in my early twenties.

I have experienced, first hand, the effect of all manner of bombs.  Enumerated them.  Feared sleep from them.  Been at ground zero, where my last thought (Stupid, stupid, senseless waste) persists from a kind of inertia an infinitely long nanosecond after my body has been vaporized into hot dense wet light.

Been far enough away that it takes two weeks or more to die, and you feel your mind disintegrating along with your body, grateful for moments not spent in agony.

Been farther out, having to cope with the despair, and the panic, and the sheer impossibility of keeping fallout out of your house and your food and your body.  My cat got out, I remember once, and was crying to be let back in, and I looked through the peephole, and she was covered in what looked like big ashy snowflakes.  Her long black fur, no longer glossy, had already begun to fall out in patches, but she was sitting straight-backed with her tail curled around her feet; it had not yet sunk in that the incomprehensible, happening around her, had happened to her as well.

I have lived through -- well mostly not lived through -- all manner of devices, high and low yield, tactical, air-burst, underwater, neutron, lithium, ICBM, rogue, you name it.  It got to the point where I set a small goal for myself, one I thought I might be, should be, able to accomplish.  A simple thing, I thought, a habit that to me would be easy to acquire, a lesson I felt I, a gifted student, should be able to learn, especially with so many opportunities to practice.

I just wanted not to look.

I think I managed it once, near the end, in my early twenties.  Before that, for years before that, the last thing I thought as I died was Shit.  You looked.

One final note:

This morning, after waking, my honey pointed out that none of these nightmares had yet come true.  This made me feel a little better, but not much.  

Notably, there were two types of nuclear scenarios with which The Powers That Be in my dreamworld  had not seen fit to torture me, and with which I therefore had not had the misfortune to have had any familiarity.  One was death by the effects of Cobalt-60.

The other was the aftereffects, environmental and political, of a First Strike by the United States.

I realize there could be other circumstances that could serve as causes as a result of which the effects of last nights dream might seem plausible.  I would like to hear what they are, it would make me feel less uneasy.

Please, feel free to comment.

Be seeing you.